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Seeing that the meetings are going very smoothly, and we will not have problems finishing the General Chapter within the foreseen timeframe, the steering committee decided to start the afternoon session a bit later. Father Milton Zonta took the floor and presented to the chapter delegates the candidate for General Treasurer for the next term of office. He also presented the proposed participants of the International Finance Commission. After having heard the names and the reasons why they were proposed by the General Superior, the General Chapter elected the following confreres:

IMG 3608The delegates to the XIX General Chapter of the Society of the Divine Savior (Salvatorians) re-elected today Fr. Scott Wallenfelsz of the US Province as General Treasurer for the next Generalate term.

In addition, the delegates elected the new members of the International Finance Commission as follows: Fr. Krzysztof Kowalczyk (Polish Province), Fr. Luis Munilla Peña (Spanish Vicariate), and Fr. Erhard Rauch (Austrian Pro-Province).

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The working day began with the celebration of the Eucharist as usual, presided by some members of the delegation of the Polish Province. 

After breakfast, the Superior of the Venezuelan Vicariate, Fr. Efraín Antonio Corona, presented the gift of the Unit he represents for the occasion of the centenary of the death of the Founder, Fr. Francis Jordan. We commemorate this event in exactly 9 days, on 8 September. The initiative of the Venezuelan Vicariate is about pastoral service to emigrants as an answer to the current need caused by the socio-political situation and deep financial crisis in the country.

The chapter members continued afterward by going through a number of proposals which were about to be approved. The sense of the house was given in several cases as well as official voting in others. This implied that our two youngest members, Fr. Paul Harris and Fr. Miroslaw Stanek, as scrutators, the ones who count the votes, had a lot of work to do.

 MG 6835In the afternoon session the capitulars dealt with the second and third reading of the topics which were elaborated and adapted in the working committees. It is nice to see how the texts of the decisions we need to make are being developed and finalized, in order to arrive at possible ordinances, recommendations or exhortations which are as clear as possible.
The last part of the day, at the request of the General Chapter, Fr. Agustín Van Baelen, informed the members of the General Chapter about the plans regarding the remodeling of the Casa Madre in Rome.
As usual the day was concluded with silent prayer and sharing in the recreation room.




IMG 5651After the celebration of Mass and breakfast, Fr. Miroslaw Stanek presented the amazing project regarding the Salvatorian Voluntary Missionary Work all over the world. It involves mainly youngsters and adults, who after a two-year spiritual formation period, are sent to become missionaries and to serve the people.
Then, the re-elected General Superior, Fr. Milton Zonta, announced to the plenum of the XIX General Chapter, that in the past days he had the opportunity to talk with all the superiors of the Administrative Units and was able to compile a proposal to the Chapter regarding the General Council.
All consultors were elected in the first ballot and the results are the following:

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