MG 6088This afternoon, the normal work continued for the capitulars. It is good to mention that our sessions are only possible because of a great team of interpreters. It is not evident that people, coming from 5 different continents and more than 20 countries can communicate about very deep and sometimes quite complicated topics we are dealing with in this General Chapter. The official languages in which the capitulars can take the floor and express their comments, questions and ideas, are 5: Polish, French, English, German and Spanish. Therefore we have 8 official interpreters who simultaneously translate and make accessible the thoughts and contributions. Of course, we are more than grateful that Ms. Ana Blázquez and Fr. Mario Lainez take care of the translations into and from Spanish. Ms. Marita Wilczek and Sr. Ulrike Music are in charge for the German linguistic field, while Fr. Adam Ziolkowski and Fr. Michal Meisner put their knowledge of Polish at the service of the General Chapter. And last but not least, Mr. Brian Moreno and Sr. Marie Françoise Nasol make possible the access to the French language. Being aware of the huge and important work these staff members of the Chapter do, we concluded the session with a warm and sincere applause.

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Our guests who arrived yesterday, Mr. Christian Patzl and Mrs. Rita van Olmen, on behalf of the International Community of the Divine Savior, addressed the General Chapter with a nice presentation about their own General Assembly. This was held at Hamont, in Belgium, in July of this year. All three branches of the Salvatorian Family hold their chapters and assembly in the same year in order to be able to coordinate together as one family. They also presented the development regarding different legal topics and new growing groups over the world.
The presentation was preceded by the normal agenda points of everyday: Holy Mass, this time presided by two confreres of the Polish delegation, and a presentation of Salvatorian commitment over the years by many Belgian confreres who have given the best of themselves in the missions in the Congo, Surinam, Venezuela and even in China mainland.
With a grateful heart we continued the morning session until noon.

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This afternoon can be summarized into two parts. The first one consisted in ordinary work in different committees, dealing with topics of the General Chapter in preparation for a second or even already a third reading.

During the second part of the afternoon, the capitulars watched a movie about our Founder, Father Francis Mary of the Cross Jordan, produced by Studio Katolik, run by our Polish confreres at Krakow. Brother Leszek Szura SDS presented the documentary-movie and soon it became very clear to all the chapter members how much work, energy and creativity has been spent on this initiative. It was promoted and financed by the Generalate of the Society of the Divine Savior. With great gratitude and inspired by the excellent result of such a great professional effort, sustained applause concluded another day of meetings.    

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This morning it was the turn of the confreres who represent the British Pro-Province to preside at our Mass commemorating Saint Augustin, who was a bishop and brother for the Christians in North Africa.

The provincial superior of the German Province, Fr. Hubert Veeser, who serves also as a vice president of this General Chapter, presented the gift of his administrative unit for the centenary of the death of the Founder. The German Province has gone through a process of discernment regarding the Salvatorian presence in the future, which has been very good and enriching. But without warning, suddenly the opportunity presented itself to purchase the birth house of Fr. Francis Jordan at Gurtweil at the border with Switzerland. After consultation on different levels the house was bought by the Salvatorians and now it is a question of developing significant projects for it. The purpose will be to make known our Founder, his charism and spirituality and of course also his spiritual heritage embodied in the three branches of the Salvatorian Family.

During the second session of this morning, the capitulars welcomed His Eminence, Cardinal Reinhard Marx, Archbishop of Munich. In a very lively manner, he addressed the General Chapter until lunch. Different topics, concerns, challenges and hopes of today were shared in a very open and authentic way.  

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The capitulars continued to work this afternoon dealng with topics regarding formation and changes in the Constitution and General Directory. On a special note, we welcomed as observers to the General Chapter, two representatives of the International Community of the Divine Savior (ICDS), also known as the Lay Salvatorians: Mr. Christian Patzl (AU), the President-elect and one of his consultors, Mrs. Rita van Olmen (B). The International Community of the Divine Savior is one of the three existing branches of the Salvatorian Family, together with the Congregation of the Sisters of the Divine Savior and the Society of the Divine Savior. The three branches consider Fr. Francis Jordan as their Founder and Spiritual Father. 

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In tune with the whole Church, in our morning Mass, presided by the delegates of the German Province, we commemorated Saint Monica, a faithful women and loving mother, as a model for all of us when it comes to faith and perseverance.
The first session was opened by the presentation of the new apostolate of the Brazilian Province, by Fr. Alvaro Macagnan who is its provincial superior. He spoke about new initiatives in Mozambique and Brazil, both in the field of education. We are sure that these significant projects will please very much our Founder, Fr. Francis Jordan, whose 100th anniversary of death we commemorate this year.
In continuation we took up again the topic of proposals which were studied in the past days, mainly about mission. The morning was concluded by a closed session of reflection directed by the Superior General.

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