IMG 4227The afternoon session began with a proposal concerning governance and administration of the Society. It was quite an art to present this complicated topic, disentangling it to get at its deepest implications and consequences. But the capitulars showed great interest and were engaged because of their desire to find out what kind of structure our growing Society needs nowadays. It is really encouraging to see how through questions and comments, common concerns and deep love for the Society come to the surface. It also important that this kind of topic be handled with prudence and vision.

After the break, the committees continued with their work, studying and analyzing the proposals sent by different entities to the General Chapter.

In the evening some of the capitulars met in an informal way with the scholastics who are serving as “go-fors”, and shared about how our young confreres, coming from Poland, Congo, Malaysia, Germany and Tanzania, see and envision the future of our Society.

IMG 4150This new working day, we started with Eucharist presided by Swiss – Italian delegates, commemorating one the major reformers within the Roman Catholic Church, Bernard de Clairveaux.

After a fraternal welcome followed by warm words of thanks to the German confreres who prepared the enjoyable outing yesterday, the President of the General Chapter, Fr. Milton Zonta, gave the floor to the Provincial Superior of the Salvatorians in Tanzania, Fr. Ponder Ngilingwa, SDS. He presented a new Salvatorian project, as a gift to the Society, in honor of the centenary of the death of our Founder, Fr. Francis Jordan. This missionary Pro-province has started with a new parish apostolate in the capital of the country, Dodoma. Furthermore, the Salvatorians from Tanzania have started to focus on formation of existing and future lay Salvatorians.

The rest of the morning was spent on the first reading of revised documents as a result of the work done by committee 1 concerning Identity, Vocation and Salvatorian Family and committee 6, which concerns on finances.

IMG 3900During the afternoon today, the capitulars worked like bees: in silence but very hard and continuously. That is why almost all of the committees were able to work through the topics they had been assigned and why the Chapter is ready for a first reading at the plenum. But before doing that, we will take our day of rest.

IMG 3840In spite of the clouds this morning, the capitulars gathered fresh and cheerful at the chapel for the Eucharist, presided by members of the Congolese delegation. Straight after the Mass and breakfast, we gathered in the plenum room, where the presiding vice-president of today, Fr. Adam Teneta, presented the tasks to do during this last day of the first week of the Chapter and reminded us that today exactly 107 years ago our Sisters received the Decretum Laudis for the Congregation of the Sisters of the Divine Savior.

He invited Fr. Alfredo Tinoco, to present the project of the Colombian Province in the frame of the 100th Jubilee of the death of our passionate Founder, Fr. Francis Jordan. In the middle of violence and poverty, Salvatorians at Cali, try to promote peace, justice and formation for children, teenagers and women with the project FuSemPaz (Fundación Sembradores de Paz), with financial help of AMSALA, SOFIA and a Swiss foundation.

The meeting continued with numbers, giving the General Treasurer, Fr. Scott Wallenfelsz the floor, explaining the first part of the Financial report of the Society.

The rest of the morning, the capitulars continued with the study of the proposals to the General Chapter.

IMG 3755

This afternoon the Capitulars gathered in six different committees, each with a specific task to study different topics related with our Society, its mission and vision. The committees we constituted are the following:

  • SDS identity and vocation, Salvatorian Family
  • Mission
  • Formation
  • Administrative organization
  • Constitution and General Directory
  • Finances

The big advantage of this way of working is that confreres from different cultural contexts, with different insights try to discern what the Spirit is trying to indicate to our Society, at the service of the Church.

The day was concluded with a silent common evening prayer with Eucharistic adoration, followed by a fraternal sharing in the recreation room.

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