IMG 3658After having heard the reports from the Units, the Generalate and the Superior General, as well a very deep input with ample insights about a new paradigm for the mission, given by the Claretian Missionary José Cristo Rey García Paredes, we started our morning sessions retaking all these materials and reflected individually and in language groups, in order to distill step by step a draft of priorities and guidelines for our Society during the next 6 years. 

In the frame of the Centenary of the death of our beloved Founder, Fr. Francis Jordan, Fr. Franz Tree presented at the beginning of this morning, a new initiative for the three branches of the Salvatorian Family at Seestadt in Austria, where they want to study how they can develop an apostolic plan to assist spiritually the people who live in this periphery.

In order to put all our efforts in a spiritual frame, the capitulars gathered in the Saint Ottilia chapel, to celebrate Mass, presided by the Brazilian delegates, Fr. Alvaro Macagnan, Fr. Francisco Sydney Gonçalves and Fr. Fernando Sartori. 

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On Thursday, Fr. José Garcia Paredes continued his lecture on the new understanding of the mission and role of the Holy Spirit in our mission. In his conclusion he referred to three persons who bear the name of Francis and who all share the same understanding of mission: St. Francis, Pope Francis and Father Francis Jordan. Here is a short summary of his presentation:

The Spirit that moved the prophets, the apostles and the great missionaries has not been extinguished. He is still here with us. This Spirit only needs people who are teachable, available and willing to be guided by Him. The Spirit is calling us to collaborate in His Mission. 

The Spirit is discreet and humble. He hides himself. However, He wants to appear and act through you, who have been granted his “Salvatorian” charism. When a congregation, a community, a person devote themselves to the Spirit unconditionally and let Him consecrate them, everything will flourish, the mission becomes passionate, the face of the Church becomes cheerful and joyful and the world feels it has been visited by God. 

However, a real missionary never feels he is self-sufficient. He knows he is a humble mediator who connects all the aspects of mission. Rather than appearing as a “unique missionary”, he raises in the world the awareness of how many people are true missionaries of the Kingdom of God. Like John the Baptist, the true missionary is willing to decrease so that the shared mission can grow. The true missionary takes care so that all the most beautiful characteristics of mission appear: creation, redemption, spirit, apocalypse. 

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On the Feast of the Assumption of Mary the participants of the General Chapter celebrated the Eucharist with the Archabbot Wolfgang Öxler OSB and with the community of the Benedictines.

After the Generalate’s report the day before, the delegates were invited to contribute their insights and concerns. In the morning they had the opportunity of an exchange about this in small language groups. After lunch they were asked in the plenary to share the most important points of their discussions and, based on this, to outline some priorities for the Society for the next six years. 

In the last session on Wednesday there was a spiritual introduction by the Claretian Father José Cristo Rey Garcia Paredes: "The new paradigm of mission: signs, keys and conversion”.

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