General Chapter: 06.09.2018

 MG 7535Yesterday we held the formal conclusion of the business meetings, with the official concluding speeches and words of thanks. Today we put the final touch liturgically on the chapter with a simple but very significant Eucharistic celebration.
The elected Superior General, Fr. Milton Zonta, presided together with the elected members of the new General Council present, Fr. Sunil Thomas, Fr. Joseph Rodrigues, Fr. Adam Teneta, Fr. Scott Wallenfelsz and Fr. Agustín Van Baelen. The liturgical color today was red because we took the holy Mass invoking the Holy Spirit asking for his guidance for the new team in their service to the Society for the next six years.
At the end of the Mass, all the capitulars and participants received from the General Superior a lighted oil lamp with the task to go and enflame all! Once all the people present received the light, they gathered in a circle around their Superior, made his Profession of Faith with his hand on the Holy Gospels. It was very inspiring to see how the community of Salvatorians in a symbolic way supported the Superior, who requested at the very end, the blessing of the merciful God for all.
In the afternoon things had to get packed and people prepared themselves for the pilgrimage which starts tomorrow! And in the evening, during recreation, we song a heartily “happy birthday” for the General Treasurer, Fr. Scott!


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 MG 7347“happy birthday”

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