DSF8257Drei Mitbrüder: Pawel Janowski (PL), Ruphin Kabondo (CD) und Piotr Dymon (PL) haben ihre Gelübde in der Kirche in Tafers abgelegt. (© Michael Meier)









 MG 7535Yesterday we held the formal conclusion of the business meetings, with the official concluding speeches and words of thanks. Today we put the final touch liturgically on the chapter with a simple but very significant Eucharistic celebration.
The elected Superior General, Fr. Milton Zonta, presided together with the elected members of the new General Council present, Fr. Sunil Thomas, Fr. Joseph Rodrigues, Fr. Adam Teneta, Fr. Scott Wallenfelsz and Fr. Agustín Van Baelen. The liturgical color today was red because we took the holy Mass invoking the Holy Spirit asking for his guidance for the new team in their service to the Society for the next six years.
At the end of the Mass, all the capitulars and participants received from the General Superior a lighted oil lamp with the task to go and enflame all! Once all the people present received the light, they gathered in a circle around their Superior, made his Profession of Faith with his hand on the Holy Gospels. It was very inspiring to see how the community of Salvatorians in a symbolic way supported the Superior, who requested at the very end, the blessing of the merciful God for all.
In the afternoon things had to get packed and people prepared themselves for the pilgrimage which starts tomorrow! And in the evening, during recreation, we song a heartily “happy birthday” for the General Treasurer, Fr. Scott!

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Después de una larga lista de anuncios finales, por el vice-presidente y la facilitadora, en cuanto a la prevista peregrinación a los lugares donde nuestro Fundador, el P. Francisco Jordan nació, en Gurtweil, donde estudió, en Sankt Peter, y donde murió, en Tafers, como también referente algunos asuntos prácticos para los próximos días, se dio la palabra a nuestro Superior General, al P. Milton Zonto para su discurso final. El se enfocó en la importancia de 5 conceptos: identidad, disponibilidad, profundidad, internacionalidad y creatividad. Agradeció a todas las personas involucradas en la preparación y el funcionamiento del Capítulo General, como también, de manera especial, a los miembros salientes del Generalato: el P. Raúl Gómez, el P. Chris Kowalczyk y el P. Thomas Malal, quienes han dado lo mejor de sí en el servicio a la Sociedad durante los últimos seis años. El P. Milton terminó su discurso, enviando un abrazo cálido y fraterno a todos los cohermanos, jóvenes y ancianos, en el mundo. Los capitulares recibieron un medallón bonito de color de plata, con la cara del Fundador en un lado y del Divino Salvador en el otro. Es un bello recuerdo del XIX Capítulo General. A continuación, el P. Hubert Veeser, uno de los vicepresidentes, dio cordialmente las gracias al P. Milton por todos sus esfuerzos durante los últimos 6 años, por ser un guía espiritual, y expresó sus mejores deseos, en nombre del Capítulo, para el próximo mandato.
Esta última sesión de trabajo fue concluida con un aplauso cálido y el himno: “Salvator mundi, salva nos”, bien conocida por todos los Salvatorianos.
Ya que el tiempo estaba tan agradable, los capitulares pudieron compartir la noche afuera, comiendo parrilla y disfrutando de las presentaciones de un grupo de baile típico de Bavaria.

 MG 7218Today the Salvatorian Family celebrates a Feast, commemorating the first spiritual daughter of Fr. Francis Jordan and the very first Superior General of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Divine Savior, Blessed Mary of the Apostles!

Also on this day, we welcomed one of the former General Superiors, Fr. Malachy McBride, accompanied by Fr. Séamus O´Duill, both from Ireland and members of the British Pro-Province, as well as Fr. William Kelly, from the USA-province.

Prior to the celebration of the Holy Mass, presided by confreres from the Congo, the XIX General Chapter approved the final document with the priorities for the next term of office of the Generalate, 2018 - 2024 and took its time to evaluate orally in plenum all concerning the Chapter and its preparation.

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This afternoon was quite “light” for the capitulars we could say: there were just a few announcements and then we watched the 3rdpart of the movie about Fr. Francis Jordan produced by Studio Katolik, under the guidance of Br. Leszek Szura, SDS.

But while the chapter members were watching the documentary, of course the interpreters were working hard, providing simultaneous translation. Also, behind the scenes, a lot of work was going on, not only today, but during the entire chapter. So many practical things that have to be done, in order to keep the meetings flowing, celebrations, gatherings in working and language groups, providing hard copies, taking pictures and putting them on the internet, etc. Our special thanks in this regard goes to our confrere Fr. Roman Wroblewski, who had the lead responsibility in the secretariat, assisted by our Salvatorian students Philipp Sauter, Piotr Dymon, Pawel Janowski, Boniface Chimogwa, Francis Overee and Ruphin Kabondo. For technical assistance regarding our translation equipment as well as computer issues, etc. our confrere Fr. Rafal Ziajka was responsible. Our dear deacon Patrik Nicolas gathered all what was shared at the plenum in the minutes and for publications and communications, Fr. Wieslaw Stempak did all he could. Without the quiet help of these confreres, this event would not have been possible. Thank you! Asante sana! Grazie! Danke schön! Dziękuję! Merci beaucoup! Dank u wel! ¡Gracias! 

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